Kaleidoscope FAQ's....

Q: Are your products actions?

A: No, they are not. They are translucent overlays (Light Set, Lite Flare & Lite Flare II) and fine art textures (Dream Set, Gallery & Supernatural). They don’t work like actions, so it’s important that you understand the difference before purchasing. Overlays and textures are extremely easy to use. Please see the “Before Buying & How to Use” section under the “Information” tab of this website for quick & easy instructions, or check out the video tutorials, which clearly demonstrate exactly how Kaleidoscope products work.

Q. Can I use your products in Elements?

A. Yes, they are completely compatible with Elements, and I have thousands of Elements users. However, the video tutorials and enclosed instructions are geared towards CS users, as that is the program I use most often. If you have an understanding of how to apply a texture in Elements, you will be able to easily use my products, as they work the exact same way. Please email me prior to purchase if you would like additional resources for using my products in Elements.

Q: Are you planning on releasing actions?

A: Not at this time. There are too many great actions on the market right now, I feel like I would be sort of re-inventing the wheel at this time. My products are totally unique, and I originally developed them for personal use after not being able to find what I was looking for in the market.

Q: Do you plan on releasing anything else anytime soon?

A: Yes & No. I’m working on a number of projects, but I don’t have a specific timeline on when they will be ready. I’ll announce new products on my blog, and will also offer new product discounts at that time. The best way to find out about new releases and special pricing is to subscribe to my blog or to become a fan of Patti Brown Photography on facebook.

Q: May I be a “tester” for upcoming releases?

A: I already have a testing group of testers formed, but please feel free to email me if you’re interested in being considered for future releases. I will certainly keep your information on file should the need for additional testers arise.

Q: I would love to feature a Kaleidoscope giveaway on my blog or for my upcoming workshop. Is that something you would be willing to do?

A. Please contact me at patti@pattibrownphotography.com to discuss Kaleidoscope giveaways. As long as your blog/workshop content is relative, we can probably work something out.

Q: Do you accept advertisers for your blog?

A: Not at this time. However, if you have actions that you want me to review, please contact me at patti@pattibrownphotography.com to discuss.